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Extra Strength Black Seed Oil


The most potent black seed oil on the market. 3rd-party lab tested to contain over 1.6% thymoquinone Using cold-pressed black seed oil can contribute to: Reduction of joint pain, back pain & leg pain caused by inflammation, Healthier blood sugar levels, Healthier cardiovascular system, Better skin and hair health, Management of blood pressure levels, Lower cholesterol levels.

    What is black seed oil good for?

    Black seed oil is an extract from the nigella sativa plant (black cumin seed). Every part of your body can benefit from taking black seed oil. Some pharmacological actions that black seed oil supports includes:

    Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, lymphatic decongestant, reduces excess blood pressure, detoxifying, balanced blood sugar, anti-fungal, relaxes muscle spasms, loosens a tight chest to make breathing easier, kidney and liver protection, stimulates the production of milk in new mothers, aids in the digestive process, reduces anxiety.