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About Us

Freshfield naturals


We don't plan on slowing down as we get older. Why should you?

We’re here for those that go further. The ones that go longer, harder and have the bumps and bruises to show for it. Why? Because that’s us, too. Even though we’re all different we have one ability in common: To push our bodies and minds just a little bit every day. 

We’re here to help you continue to put in the effort, to be your personal best and to live like you mean it. This is why we obsess about our products — from research and development, to raw material sourcing, to production and shipping. Everything is crafted with you in mind.

We are creators of the finest & purest natural nutritional supplements. Backed by science & not folklore, Freshfield offers high-quality, environmentally sustainable products for people wanting to live healthy, active lifestyles.

We want to build a community around living active and healthy and would love to see your life improve dramatically through being part of our Freshfield family. One of our core values is that natural health products need to be supported by science. Nutrition based on folklore is not a solid foundation for health. Also, and this is something that grinds our gears... MANY times, influential bloggers will create buzz around a product that promises a "cure" or treatment with absolutely no supporting research around the actual effectiveness of the product they are promoting.

Our strong belief is that nature can provide most of the sustaining, balancing, building and healing we need for our bodies and minds to perform at their absolute best. We've experienced firsthand the benefits of living a natural-based lifestyle and want to share our journeys with you.

All the best in your adventure!

Mike Mazur, Co-founder